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Kindergarten football U6

Kindergarten football U6


Kindergarten football:


The main goal of our program is to help the children fall in love with sports at an early age, so for the next generations not just football but also sport itself would be an active part of their life. Furthermore, for those children who are talented, we offer the opportunity to try themselves at the Király Sport Club’s youth teams where professionally prepared trainers – with many years of experience – can help them to develop.

Currently we have partnerships with the following kindergartens:

-           Kőrösi Csoma Sándor Utcai Óvoda

-           Margaréta Óvoda

-           Nárai Aranykapu Óvoda

The trainers of Király Sport Club work with children from the kindergartens on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the afternoons between 15.30 and 16.30. These trainings are open, in case of interest contact Milán Hajmási, youth department leader at +36202253567 phone number.

We believe that there is no age which is too early when it comes to introducing football to the children.

Our main (number one) principle is that the kids have fun and enjoy football during these trainings. The structure of the sessions is based on this principle. The trainings are diverse and are built specifically for the age group lead by our trainers.

Important tasks are to improve coordination with and without the ball, teach diverse skills, and ball exercises in a playful way. At this age to build up the kids’ confidence is a priority; therefore, we pay great attention to provide them with constant experiences of success and to give positive feedback.

We hope our cooperation with the kindergartens will be successful, and many more kids become committed to sport and within that to football. We hope that there will be many children who will look at football as their profession in the future because of the programme.


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