I founded the predecessor of Király Sport Club, the Király Leisure Sport Club. Few thoughts about our goals…



My name is Gábor Király and I am a football player who reached 108 national caps for Hungary. I have officially played in 882 football games in the Hungarian, German and English first and second divisions. I played in the Champions League, and I participated in the European Championship in 2016.

Wherever I used to play, I tried to learn and gain experiences with the intention that I would one day bring the knowledge I collected to my birth town, Szombathely.

The time has come at the Király Sport Club as we are building a youth academy.

We have planned our whole process and with small steps we are going towards our goal which is for kids to develop in a good community, so they can become a team and can learn how to fight for each other. We aim to teach them order and how to think in a systems as they play games and do trainings in an organised and clean environment. While respecting traditional values, we help them to get to realise their potential, and to be open to the world! And we have not even mentioned football yet…

I believe that the most important things in football are the quality of the trainings and the attitude of the trainers. Not everyone can become a top player, but everyone can bring out the best from themselves. What will it be enough for, life will surely have an answer. And what is the secret? The conscious work, consistency and the forward way thinking from parents, players, and trainers.

Our door is open, and we are waiting for children who are engaged in football.

Kind regards,

Gábor Király


Király induló
Irigy Hónaljmirigy - Szombathelyi Tigrisek