Club Presentation

Club Presentation

The predecessor of Király Sport Club, the Király Leisure Sport Club was founded in May 2006.

Gábor Király and his father, Ferenc Király have founded the predecessor of Király Sport Club, the Király Leisure Sport Club in May 2006. As of today, the Free-Time Sport Club evolved into an academy with more than 200 players and more than 20 trainers. ‘K1RAY - One team, one family!’

“In the beginning our purpose was to support the free-time and amateur sports. The first 10 years were all about this. We started the second 10 years in 2016 as an academy.

Nowadays we have more than 200 players from kindergarten to adults. From the U12 our youth teams are participating in national championships and the players from U17 and U19 get the chance to play at the adult team from week to week. Our long-term goal is - when Király SE will be ready – to build on our own talents – and have a 3rd division team in Szombathely again.


We have a long-term cooperation with Hertha Academy which opened new opportunities for the club. The German philosophy and experience help the professional work.


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